Cluster ClassA C# client driver for Apache Cassandra
Informations and known state of a Cassandra cluster.

This is the main entry point of the driver. A simple example of access to a Cassandra cluster would be:

 Cluster cluster = Cluster.Builder.AddContactPoint("").Build(); 
             Session session = Cluster.Connect("db1"); 
             foreach (var row in session.execute("SELECT * FROM table1")) 
               //do something ... 

A cluster object maintains a permanent connection to one of the cluster node that it uses solely to maintain informations on the state and current topology of the cluster. Using the connection, the driver will discover all the nodes composing the cluster as well as new nodes joining the cluster.

Inheritance Hierarchy

OnlineSystem Object
  Cassandra Cluster

Namespace: Cassandra
Assembly: Cassandra (in Cassandra.dll) Version: (

public class Cluster : IDisposable
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