DataStax Upgrade Guide

Upgrade instructions for installing the DSE tarball on any Linux distribution

This procedure shows how to install a new version of the DataStax Enterprise binary tarball to replace an existing installation.

Before performing the installation, be sure to back up your configuration files for future reference.

Upgrading a node and migrating the data


  1. Download the DataStax Enterprise tarball using your username and password:
    $ curl -OL
    Get the username and password from your DataStax registration confirmation email. If you don’t have the email, register on the DataStax web site.
  2. Create a directory for the new installation and move it to that directory.
  3. Unpack the DataStax Enterprise 3.2 tarball:
    tar –xzvf dse-3.2 tarball name
  4. If you customized the location of the data in the old installation, create a symbolic link to the old data directory:
    cd new install location
    ln -s old data directory new install location/new data directory