OpsCenter 4.1 User Guide


New features

  • Optimized performance of loading graphs
  • Keyspaces added while Repair Service is running now included in current cycle
  • Option to drain nodes prior to stop/restart (OPSC-1250)
  • Option for opscenterd to only connect to seed hosts (OPSC-549)

Resolved issues

  • Race condition when opscenterd is restarted, but not the agents (OPSC-2485)
  • Post snapshot scripts not working when backing up "All Keyspaces" (OPSC-2576)
  • Obscure passwords in log files (OPSC-2554)
  • Errors in agent logs when compacting 0 bytes (OPSC-2546)
  • Agent not starting up when it can't resolve its own hostname (OPSC-2495)
  • Error when clicking the Fix link to install agents from the Overview tab (OPSC-2392)
  • Range calculation for repair service crossed tokens from other data centers (OPSC-2806)

Known issues

  • Graphs that display metric data that require conversion display unconverted data. The following metrics display data that is off by a factor of 1000, in ms/op instead of µs/op:
    • write req latency
    • read req latency
    • cf write latency
    • cf read latency
    The following metrics should display percentages, but only display values beteen 0 and 1:
    • key cache hit rate
    • row cache hit rate
    The following metrics display kb/sec but their values are actually kb/min:
    • network received
    • network sent
    • total network traffic
    The data is stored correctly and alerts work correctly, but the numbers on the graph are displayed incorrectly. (OPSC-2976)
  • A missing option in the configuration file results in a problem storing metrics in a separate cluster. (OPSC-2977)