OpsCenter 4.1 User Guide


New features

  • Significantly improved cassandra.yaml auto-detection on the agent, which no longer requires manually configuring its location for tarball installs of DSE/Cassandra. (OPSC-2331)
  • DSE workload now displayed on node info popup. (OPSC-2388)
  • Several repair service options can now be configured per cluster. (OPSC-2254)
  • New streams indicator and dialog added to the Ring tab. (OPSC-2206)
  • Metrics can now be aggregated by datacenter. (OPSC-2179)
  • Rebalance proposal now displays rings separated by datacenter. (OPSC-2005)

Resolved issues

  • Fixed upgrade path from pre-4.0 installs of OpsCenter to 4.0 or greater. (OPSC-2435)
  • Definition updater no longer stops opscenterd from running if OpenSSL is not installed. (OPSC-2510)
  • Fixed repair service not running in multi-dc environments where all keyspaces exist across all datacenters. (OPSC-2448)
  • Repair service not properly repairing CQL3 column families. (OPSC-2509)
  • Fixed choosing a node when a mismatch is found in Configure Cluster. (OPSC-2489)
  • Cluster wide aggregates for column family metrics are now properly displayed in the graph legend. (OPSC-2470)
  • Fixed running backups on super column families in Cassandra 2.0. (OPSC-2381)
  • Fixed status updates for rolling restarts. (OPSC-2379)
  • Added an option to not force agent to use sudo for commands on agent. (OPSC-2122)
  • Fixed SSH connections to nodes failing because of SSH welcome message. (OPSC-579)