OpsCenter 4.1 User Guide


New features
  • Enterprise functionality now limited to DataStax Enterprise clusters.
    • Scheduled functionality such as alerts and backups previously configured on non-DSE clusters now only run on DSE clusters.
    • Merged the opscenter and opscenter-free packages into a single opscenter package.
  • Rebranded the OpsCenter agent as the DataStax agent.
  • SSL communication between opscenterd and the agents is now off by default.
  • Management support for new Enterprise services.
  • Support for Cassandra 2.0
  • Redesigned some portions of the GUI:
    • List View now has a bulk operations checkbox
    • Ring View is now split up by datacenter
  • Re-added ability to add new nodes to an existing DSE cluster with vnodes enabled.
  • The Data Explorer is being deprecated in favor of DevCenter.
  • Ability to retry failed provisioning attempts.
Resolved issues
  • Ability to rebalance clusters that have some datacenters with vnodes enabled and others with vnodes disabled.
  • Fixed issue with storing OpsCenter data in a separate cluster.
  • Fixed JMX authentication from the agent.
Known issues
  • Not able to provision new clusters on Cassandra 2.0 yet.
  • Adding existing clusters with rpc_server_type = hsha times out.
  • Clicking "Fix" when redeploying DataStax 3.2 agents uninstalls DataStax Enterprise 3.2 on the nodes when DataStax Enterprise 3.2 is installed as an RPM or Debian package. The DataStax Enterprise 3.2 data on each node remains intact.