OpsCenter 4.0 User Guide


New features

  • Ability to provision DataStax Community 2.0 nodes.
  • Status labels on nodes in ring view replaced by animation. Special statuses include moving, restarting, and joining.
  • Log rotate properties for repair service logs are now configurable. See Advanced configuration for more information.
  • The interface used by the opscenterd web server now defaults to in opscenterd.conf.

Resolved issues

  • Repair Service stopping because it requires an unnecessary number of parallel repairs.
  • Added the ability to provision DataStax Enterprise 3.2.x nodes.
  • Errors installing agents via the "Fix" link from tarball installations.
  • Installing agents via the "Fix" link on CentOS/RHEL distributions will no longer pull the latest version from DataStax repositories.
  • Issue loading the Performance section when a preset group contains removed metrics.
  • Error starting up agent when local_interface is specified in address.yaml.
  • Exclude down nodes from Data Size calculations in ring view health summary.
  • Vertical scrollbar in Ring View no longer resets on update.
  • Passwords used for the nodetool and cassandra-cli commands are no longer logged by the agents.
  • Repair Service status updates much sooner after starting within the UI.
  • Issue generating diagnostics tarball on nodes that had JMX/THRIFT authentication enabled.
  • Backup times incorrectly labeled as GMT.
  • Browser memory leaks in ring view.
  • Issue in agent.log when changing the log level. This fix includes requiring a restart of the agent when changing the log level.
  • Diagnostics tarballs will no longer be allowed to fill up remaining disk space.