OpsCenter 4.0 User Guide


New features
  • Improved support for large clusters (~100 nodes).
  • Faster graph loading times (~10x, or more, in most cases).
  • Added support for CQL3 column families (limited Data Explorer support); data is only viewable if the column family was created with the COMPACT STORAGE option).
  • Improved support for vnodes.
  • Added the ability to jump to a specific time range in the Performance section.
  • Added the ability to submit forms via the Enter key.
  • Increased the number of nodes that can be rebalanced from 100 to 200.
  • Added hostname of the problem node to alert emails.
Resolved issues
  • Added support for restoring column families with thousands of SSTables.
  • Fixed memory leak in Performance section which caused some browser crashes.
  • Fixed unknown fields being removed from cassandra.yaml when configuring nodes.
  • Fixed the partitioner option in cassandra.yaml from being overwritten if the original value was not a full classname.
  • Fixed the UI failing to load on mobile devices, including Chromebooks.
  • Fixed display of cache hit rate metrics.
  • Fixed viewing rows with Int32 types in the Data Explorer.