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Release Notes

Information about new features and resolved issues in the following releases.


Resolved issues
  • Fixed issues with collecting and displaying Solr search metrics.


Resolved issues
  • Fixed the primary range option in the Repair action.
  • Fixed an issue that caused metrics data to never expire. (How to fix the problem.)
  • Fixed editing column families with column metadata.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


New features
  • Improved support for large clusters (~100 nodes).
  • Faster graph loading times (~10x, or more, in most cases).
  • Added support for CQL3 column families (limited Data Explorer support); data is only viewable if the column family was created with the COMPACT STORAGE option).
  • Improved support for vnodes.
  • Added the ability to jump to a specific time range in the Performance section.
  • Added the ability to submit forms via the Enter key.
  • Increased the number of nodes that can be rebalanced from 100 to 200.
  • Added hostname of the problem node to alert emails.
Resolved issues
  • Added support for restoring column families with thousands of SSTables.
  • Fixed memory leak in Performance section which caused some browser crashes.
  • Fixed unknown fields being removed from cassandra.yaml when configuring nodes.
  • Fixed the partitioner option in cassandra.yaml from being overwritten if the original value was not a full classname.
  • Fixed the UI failing to load on mobile devices, including Chromebooks.
  • Fixed display of cache hit rate metrics.
  • Fixed viewing rows with Int32 types in the Data Explorer.


Resolved issues
  • Fixed an issue with opscenterd not starting up when certain types of CQL3 column families exist.


New features
  • Column families created via CQL3 are recognized and monitored.
  • Added support for provisioning nodes with vnodes enabled.
Resolved issues
  • Fixed OpsCenter not running without the proper SSL library being installed, even if SSL feature has been disabled, has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with editing keyspace properties if another keyspace was recently updated.
  • Fixed loading Performance presets with special characters in the name.
  • Fixed agent hitting out of memory exception when cleaning up some backups.
  • Fixed the List View rendering when nodes have long hostnames.
  • Fixed an issue with adding nodes to an existing DSE cluster when some nodes were down.
  • Fixed an issue when provisioning nodes using RackInferringSnitch and hostnames.


Resolved issues
  • When adding internal Cassandra authentication to a cluster, the cluster's edited configuration can now be saved. Previoiusly an error was reported: Unable to connect to cluster.
  • Scrolling long lists of column families in the Schema and Data Explorer panes has been implemented.
  • Agents now receive configuration changes without having to be restarted.
  • Compaction status now displays properly in List View or node popup.
  • OpsCenter no longer becomes unresponsive (caused by an agent hanging) if there are too many files in the snapshots directory.


New features
  • Visual cluster creation and management.
    • Managing settings.
    • Restarting a cluster.
  • Database restore.
  • Customizable backups.
  • Software update notifications.
  • Improved object creation and management.
  • Automated collection of diagnostic data.
  • Offloading of metadata repository to secondary clusters.
  • DSE security and encryption
Resolved issues
  • Fixed node popup in Ring/Physical view going blank.
  • Fixed agent data collection being interrupted on error.
  • Fixed display of some data in Performance section.
  • Fixed list of nodes in List View jumping around when compactions are running.
  • Fixed several minor issues in the UI.
  • Fixed several issues with installing opscenterd and the agents.


New features
  • OpsCenter Enterprise Edition 2.1.3 can monitor and administer Cassandra 1.2 as described in the documentation unless you enable virtual nodes. When you enable virtual nodes, OpsCenter chooses a single token for each node for operations such as collecting metrics. Attempting to move nodes, rebalance nodes, and perform other tasks involving token ranges is not supported.
Resolved issues
  • Fixed issue processing keyspaces that only exist in 1 datacenter.
  • Fixed data collection issues during compactions on secondary indexes.


New features
Resolved issues


New features
  • Browsing data in the Cassandra database.
  • Generation of a PDF report about the cluster.
  • Capability to handle thousands of column families efficiently.
  • Online feedback form.
  • Optional HTTPS support.
  • Installation of agents to RHEL and Debian clusters regardless of the location of the opscenterd.conf configuration file.
  • Truncation of column families. Truncation removes the data but not the column family itself.


New features
  • Multi-cluster management. You can manage multiple cluster from the same OpsCenter instance.
  • New Overview page for monitoring multiple clusters. It shows a condensed view of each cluster's Dashboard. It is visible only when multiple clusters exist.
  • Perform and schedule operations from OpsCenter.
  • Point OpsCenter at existing Cassandra clusters, where you can add, modify, or delete clusters from OpsCenter.
  • Adds support and metrics for DataStax Enterprise 2.0 Search nodes.
  • No longer compatible with Cassandra 0.7.