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Creating a keyspace

To create a new keyspace.


  1. Select Schema in the OpsCenter console.
  2. Select Add in the Schema section of OpsCenter.
  3. Give the keyspace a name. Keyspace names should not contain spaces or special characters or exceed the filename size limit of your operating system (for example, 255 bytes on most Linux file systems). Keyspace names are case sensitive.
  4. Set the replica placement strategy. The replica placement strategy (along with the cluster-configured snitch) determines how replicas are placed on nodes throughout the cluster. Use one of three built-in replica placement strategies:
    1. SimpleStrategy—Single data center, rack unaware replica placement. This is the default strategy.
    2. NetworkTopologyStrategy—Single or multiple data center, rack aware replica placement. This is the recommended strategy.
    3. OldNetworkTopologyStrategy—Two data centers only, rack aware replica placement. This strategy is deprecated.
  5. Choose how many total copies that you want of your keyspace data (replication factor). The NetworkTopologyStrategy requires you to configure how many replicas you want per data center. The data center name you enter should match the data center name used by your cluster-configured snitch. Make sure to name the data center(s) correctly according to your snitch configuration.
  6. If you do not want to start defining column families within your new keyspace right away, uncheck the I would like to create a Column Family checkbox.
  7. Click Save Keyspace.