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Installing the OpsCenter on Mac OSX or any Linux distributions

Install the DataStax OpsCenter on Mac OSX or any Linux Distribution using the OpsCenter binary tarball.

For a complete list of supported platforms, see DataStax OpsCenter – Supported Platforms.


Note: If you are installing on Ubuntu, you must use OpenSSL 0.9.8. To install: $ sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.8

After installing OpenSSL 0.9.8, Ubuntu 11.10 will still show 1.0.0.

To check for the software versions:

$ java -version
$ python -V
$ openssl version
$ iostat -V
When you install OpsCenter using the binary tarball, an agent is deployed to the machine in which OpsCenter is installed. The installation also creates an agent tarball for deploying agents to other nodes in the cluster.


  1. Ensure that a DSE or Cassandra cluster is installed, configured, and running. You can determine this by using the nodetool status command.
  2. Download the tarball distribution of OpsCenter. You can either download the binary from Planet Cassandra or use the curl command:
    • OpsCenter Community (free) Edition:
      $ curl -OL
    • OpsCenter Enterprise (paid) Edition:
      $ curl -OL http://<username>:<password>
  3. Unpack the distribution.
    $ tar -xzvf opscenter.tar.gz
    $ rm *.tar.gz

    Files for OpsCenter and a single OpsCenter agent are now in place.

  4. Set the [webserver] interface (hostname or IP address of the OpsCenter machine) and any other required configuration properties for your environment in the opscenterd.conf file as described in OpsCenter configuration properties.
  5. Start OpsCenter from the install location:

    $ bin/opscenter (Use -f to start in the foreground.)

  6. The next step is to connect to OpsCenter and deploy the agent on the OpsCenter machine.
    Note: You can deploy only one agent using the OpsCenter console (on the machine where OpsCenter is installed). Deploying agents to other nodes in the cluster must be done manually. You cannot deploy multiple agents to other nodes automatically (by clicking Fix in the OpsCenter console).