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Configuring events and alerts

The OpsCenter Event Log page displays a continuously updated list of events and alerts.

The following list reflects the most detailed logging level available for Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise, and OpsCenter events:


Data for these events is stored in the events and events_timeline column families in the OpsCenter keyspace:

Event Code Description
COMPACTION 0 Major compaction has occurred.
CLEANUP 1 Unused keys have been removed or cleaned up.
REPAIR 2 A repair operation has been initiated.
FLUSH 3 Memtables have been flushed to disk.
DRAIN 4 The commit log has been emptied, or drained.
DECOMMISSION 5 A leaving node has streamed its data to another node.
MOVE 6 Like NODE_MOVE; a new token range has been assigned.
NODE_DOWN 13 A node has stopped responding.
NODE_UP 14 An unresponsive node has recovered.
NODE_LEFT 15 A node has left, or been removed from, the ring.
NODE_JOIN 16 A node has joined the ring.
NODE_MOVE 17 A node has been assigned a new token range (the token has moved).
OPSC_UP 18 OpsCenter has been started and is operating.
OPSC_DOWN 19 OpsCenter was stopped or stopped running.
GC 20 Java garbage collection has been initiated.


Optionally, you can configure OpsCenter to send alerts for selected levels of events. These alerts can be provided remotely by email, or through HTTP to a selected URL. Alerts are disabled by default.

Alerts are triggered only by events from the OpsCenter API/UI. For example, a nodetool move operation submitted from the command line does not trigger an alert. However, a move operation launched using Dashboard > List View > Actions > Movecontrols in the OpsCenter does trigger an alert.

All alerts contain the following information about each event captured:

Field Description Example
api_source_ip IP that originally sent the request.
target_node Destination of a STREAMING action.
event_source Component that caused the event. OpsCenter (i.e., restart, start)
user OpsCenter user that caused the event. opscenter_user
time Normal timestamp for the event. 1311025650414527
action Type of event (see above table) 20
message Description of the event. Garbage Collecting node
level Numerical code for the log level. 1
source_node Node where the event originated.
level_str Logging level of the event. INFO