DataStax Enterprise 3.2


The following common problems, solutions, or workarounds have been reported about using DataStax Enterprise.

Using the pre-flight check tool

The pre-flight check tool, located in /usr/share/dse/tools of packaged installations, is a collection of tests that can be run on a node to detect and fix a configuration. The tool can detect and fix many invalid or suboptimal configuration settings. The pre-flight check tool is not available in tarball installations.

Mahout Jobs that Use Lucene Not Supported

DataStax does not currently support Mahout jobs, such as built-in support for creating vectors from Lucene indexes, that use Lucene features. Attempting to run Mahout jobs that use Lucene features results in this type of error message:

Error: class org.apache.mahout.vectorizer.
DefaultAnalyzer overrides final method

MX4J warning message during installation

When Cassandra loads, you may notice a message that MX4J will not load and that mx4j-tools.jar is not in the classpath.

You can ignore this message. MX4j provides an HTML and HTTP interface to JMX and is not necessary to run Cassandra. DataStax recommends using OpsCenter. It has more monitoring capabilities than MX4J.

DSE Search/Solr cannot find custom files

Open Source Solr (OSS) supports relative paths set by the <lib> property in the solrconfig.xml, but DSE Search/Solr does not. Configuring the Solr library path describes a workaround for this issue.