DataStax Enterprise 3.2

Installing prior releases of DataStax Enterprise

DataStax provides binary tarball and packaged releases for installing earlier releases (2.2.x upwards ) of DataStax Enterprise.

Note: You must use Oracle JRE 6, not 7 for releases before DataStax Enterprise 3.1. These earlier releases do not support JRE 7.

Installing from the binary tarball

Download the tarball from the Download DataStax Enterprise page and follow the install instructions in the relevant documentation:

Installing the packages on RHEL-based or Debian-based platforms

Follow the install instructions in the relevant documentation and specify the specific version in the install command:

RHEL-based platforms


$ sudo yum install dse-full-version-1


$ sudo yum install dse-full-3.0.3-1

Debian-based platforms


$ sudo apt-get install dse-full=version-1 dse=version-1 dse-hive=version-1 dse-pig=version-1 dse-demos=version-1 dse-libsolr=version-1 dse-libtomcat=version-1 dse-libsqoop=version-1 dse-liblog4j=version-1 dse-libmahout=version-1 dse-libhadoop-native=version-1 dse-libcassandra=version-1 dse-libhive=version-1 dse-libpig=version-1 dse-libhadoop=version-1


$ sudo apt-get install dse-full=3.0.3-1 dse=3.0.3-1 dse-hive=3.0.3-1 dse-pig=3.0.3-1 dse-demos=3.0.3-1 dse-libsolr=3.0.3-1 dse-libtomcat=3.0.3-1 dse-libsqoop=3.0.3-1 dse-liblog4j=3.0.3-1 dse-libmahout=3.0.3-1 dse-libhadoop-native=3.0.3-1 dse-libcassandra=3.0.3-1 dse-libhive=3.0.3-1 dse-libpig=3.0.3-1 dse-libhadoop=3.0.3-1