Apache Cassandra™ 1.2

Using the Daemon Mode

Usage for the daemon mode in binary installs.

Run the daemon from:

<install_location>/tools/bin/cassandra-stressd  start|stop|status  [-h  <host>]

During stress testing, you can keep the daemon running and send it commands through it using the --send-to option.


  • Insert 1,000,000 rows to given host:
    /tools/bin/cassandra-stress -d

    When the number of rows is not specified, one million rows are inserted.

  • Read 1,000,000 rows from given host:
    tools/bin/cassandra-stress -d -o read
  • Insert 10,000,000 rows across two nodes:
    /tools/bin/cassandra-stress -d, -n 10000000
  • Insert 10,000,000 rows across two nodes using the daemon mode:
    /tools/bin/cassandra-stress -d, -n 10000000 --send-to